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The Content Moderation Lab recently made its first external visit to an insightful and engaging two-day event organized by das NETTZ on tackling online hate. Lab members led a standout workshop on “Transparency and Attitudes Towards Content Moderation on Social Media.” This session provided insights into the latest research and activities at the Digital Governance Chair and Content Moderation Lab and encouraged active participation from attendees. 

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Key Takeaways

High hopes for the DSA

We need to place greater emphasis on users, particularly in light of the Digital Services Act (DSA) - for which representatives from civil society, academia, and tech companies have high hopes.

User research

The workshop highlighted the importance of understanding user attitudes towards content moderation and emphasized the need for collaboration with civil society bodies that have significant experience in reporting and resilience against hateful content.

Towards Solutions Against Toxicity

Results from the chair's work on hateful content in enterntainment along with studies on transparency in content moderation could pave the way for more effective solutions against toxicity in online environments and enhance citizen resilience.

Collaboration is Key

The involvement of various stakeholders underscores the importance of a joint approach in tackling online hate.


The Content Moderation Lab made its first external event at das NETTZ's two-day online hate summit. They led a standout workshop on "Transparency and Attitudes Towards Content Moderation on Social Media," showcasing their latest research and sparking lively engagement with attendees.

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