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This closed workshop aims to explore the future trajectories of the Metaverses as tomorrow’s digital frontier at a moment in time where technology, business models, and regulatory systems are still malleable.

The invited researchers and practitioners will present use cases regarding Virtual Reality (VR) applications from different areas, ranging from Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C), and Governance-to-Citizen (GOV2C). A series of questions guide this workshop: Where might these applications trend over the coming years? How are data privacy and transparency impacted in the VR space? What might governments need to do to ensure safe experiences or engagement?

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Read the workshop program here.

The workshop is part of our ongoing activities within the Metaverse Research Group. It is jointly organized by the Professorship of Public Policy, Governance, and Innovative Technologies and the TUM Think Tank.


A closed workshop involving stake- and shareholders across society will address considerations surrounding the Metaverse and use of virtual reality (VR).

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