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Empowering Future Leaders

Teaching tomorrow’s scientists, deciders, and entrepreneurs is one main goal of the Quantum Social Lab. Members of the Quantum Social Lab offer courses on quantum technology applications such as quantum communications, quantum computing, and quantum sensing. Current studies include “Quantum Computing in Theory and Practice” and “Technical Quantum Computing Basics,” in addition to seminars examining the social implications of Quantum Computing and the Quantum Internet. The workshops are open to students of all faculties within Technical University of Munich. Through this real-life interdisciplinary approach, students of the social sciences and engineers can learn and profit from each other’s strengths.

Embarking on Quantum Journeys

During the last semesters, the students explored the opportunities and challenges with quantum technologies in general and focused on quantum communication within the first seminars. In upcoming semesters the Quantum Social Lab will go on offering workshops, project work, and theses advisory within different applications and research areas, including a lecture dealing with the fundamentals of quantum technologies (physics, mathematics, and algorithmics) as well as a master’s seminar examining quantum technologies in theory and praxis.

Quantum Social Lab: Basic Course

Billions of dollars, euros and the renminbis are currently being invested in developing quantum technology (QT) in applications such as computing, communications, and simulation. While much of the research is still in the foundational stage, it is expected that QT will be transformative for the natural and economic sciences, engineering, life sciences, and medicine. The impacts of QT on society that flow from these transformations also have revolutionary potential but are currently underexplored. To start filling this gap, the students worked in groups of 2-3 with different challenges arising from further developing these technologies.

QSL - Focus Quantum Communication

In the last summer semester, the second seminar of the Quantum Social Lab took place. The students were again working in groups of 2-3 on challenges related to upcoming changes to be caused by quantum communication’s (possible) rise. Part of the seminar has been the participation in the Transatlantic Quantum Forum.


The Quantum Social Lab is dedicated to educating future scientists, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs by offering courses in quantum technology applications such as communications, computing, and sensing. With an interdisciplinary approach, students from various faculties engage in workshops exploring the social implications of quantum computing and the Quantum Internet. The lab encourages collaboration between social sciences and engineering students, providing a real-world learning experience. Recent semesters focused on quantum communication, and upcoming offerings include workshops, projects, and seminars covering the fundamentals and practical aspects of quantum technologies.

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