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Matti Nelimarkka presents his work on methods for social inquiry combining computational social science and design-based research.

Matti Nelimarkka introduces his textbook entitled "Computational Thinking and Social Science" (SAGE, 2023) on June 19, from 12:00pm - 1:00pm, elaborating on the pedagogical challenges faced when introducing computational concepts to scholars from non-computational backgrounds. He expands on the chapters focused on validity, reliability, and the integration of social theory in computational social sciences. He also shares insights into his ongoing work on developing a Marxist Large Language Model (LLM).

Moreover, he showcases preliminary research aimed at examining how political ideologies manifest in designing digital systems. By posing thought-provoking questions like "What would a tax collection app designed by left-wing parties look like?" and "What would a conservative dating app entail?", he highlightes how digital platforms could serve as conduits for advancing political values. He illustrates this points by examining which kind of interfaces for political discussion are preferred by different parties. This exploration underlines the intersection of politics, design, and technology.

Matti Nelimarkka is currently doing part of his sabbatical at TUM SOT until June 23. People who wish to meet with him one on one or in small groups are cordially invited to email Matti at


On June 19, from 12:00pm -1:00pm, Matti Nelimarkka presents his work in computational social science and design-based research methods at the TUM Think Tank. He explores integrating social theory with computational concepts. Additionally, he investigates the influence of political ideologies on digital system design.

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