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Before any given start-up can secure investment from a venture capital investor, the young company will be scrutinized as part of the legal due diligence review. Amongst other things, a start-up in the AI space will have to prove compliance with applicable law. This likely includes data privacy laws such as the GDPR, laws on copyright and other intellectual property rights and, notably, the EU AI act. Acing the due diligence review is an integral part of most start-up growth journeys. As a law firm focused on venture capital, such reviews are our daily business at YPOG. Let’s have a look at AI regulation and compliance through the eyes of the venture capital world.

For students, PhDs and Postdocs.


Dr. Benedikt Flöter: As an associated partner at YPOG, Benedikt advises investors and start-ups from the venture capital ecosystem on matters of IP/IT law with a particular focus on innovative technologies in the context of financing rounds, business model-related issues and ongoing operational advice.



Dr. Christoph Cordes: Christoph is an associate in the IP/IT practice group of YPOG. A particular focus of his work is on IP law advice for university spin-offs and the transformation from science to business.


Are you a student, PhD, or PostDoc interested in the intersection of AI and venture capital? Join us for an in-depth session on navigating the legal due diligence process essential for securing investment!

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