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New Friedrich Schiedel Fellows

At this event, we will introduce our new Friedrich Schiedel Fellows and provide insights into their exciting and innovative projects. Under the motto "Human-Centered Innovation for Technology in Society," our fellows work to build new bridges between social sciences and various other disciplines. Their interdisciplinary research projects focus on how technologies can be developed responsibly, human-centered, and democratically, serving the public good.

Program Highlights:

• Introduction of the Friedrich Schiedel Fellows
• Lightning talks on the fellows' projects at the intersection of technology and society
• Opportunities for networking and exchange with the fellows and other participants

Be inspired by the ideas of our fellows and take the opportunity to make valuable contacts. We look forward to your participation and stimulating discussions!

Please register here.


Meet the new Friedrich Schiedel Fellows at our upcoming event, where they'll showcase their interdisciplinary projects aimed at merging social sciences and technology under the theme "Human-Centered Innovation for Technology in Society." Highlights include lightning talks and opportunities for networking. Join us to engage with their ideas and connect with fellow innovators!

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