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Ethical Data Initiative at TUM Think Tank

In the evolving landscape of data-driven technologies, where ethical concerns have risen to prominence, the multi-stakeholder workshop New Directions for Global Activities in Data Ethics addresses the need for a robust ethical framework. It explores challenges such as algorithmic decision-making and bias mitigation, while introducing the Ethical Data Initiative (EDI), a collaborative project aimed at promoting responsible data practices globally. Through discussions led by experts in data ethics, AI ethics, and international data policy, the workshop aims to shape the future direction of EDI across its pillars: international data ethics education, policy and networks and stakeholder and community engagement.

How to get involved

If you are interested in becoming part of the Ethical Data Initiative and work in a related field, we would like to invite you to the workshop day on 9 April at the TUM Think Tank.

If you can not make it in person, please feel free to join the life stream of the introduction and Sabina Leonelli's Keynote and discussion "Why Ethical Data in the Age of XAI?" and register for Webinar on Zoom from 1 PM - 2:30 PM.


The workshop, "New Directions for Global Activities in Data Ethics," confronts the imperative for a strong ethical framework in the evolving realm of data-driven technologies. Led by experts in data ethics and policy, it aims to shape the Ethical Data Initiative's future, focusing on education, policy development, and community engagement.

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