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How can we make abstract technologies such as quantum technologies tangible?

At first glance, art and technology may seem to be separate fields. However, new technologies often inspire creativity in the arts and continually expand its horizons. Moreover, art offers unique and sometimes surprising perspectives on technological advances, revealing the deep connection between the two.

At the QuantWorld project, we firmly believe that art can serve as a translator to make the often elusive concepts of quantum technologies and their impact on our everyday lives tangible and that a holistic approach including thoughts of responsibility and consciousness can improve further developments.

This is the reason for our decision to include artistic interventions and artists prominently in the project.

We are excited to work with a group of remarkable artists whose artistic interventions bring a unique perspective to the abstract world of quantum technologies. It is our belief that, through this creative approach, the transformative power of these new technologies can be understood and experienced by everyone.

In our mission to forge innovative paths at the intersection of art and technology, we are also proud to partner up with MATTER and the XR Hub Bavaria. With MATTER, we are developing a unique framework for artistic interventions, while the XR Hub Bavaria helps us bring art to life through immersive extended reality (XR) formats.

Meet our artists

Patrik Hübner

Photo Credit: Larissa Lenze

As a programming designer and creative director, Patrik Hübner has been working at the intersection of brand communication and technology for over 15 years. Working in traditional design for years, he discovered generative design in 2014 and became one of the few individuals to have successfully established this seamless blend of art, design and data into cohesive and compelling design systems and narratives on an international level. Today, he works as a generative designer with international brands, agencies and cultural institutions. As a lecturer at universities, he teaches on the topic of generative design, is a regular keynote speaker and gives workshops.

His clients include Landor & Fitch, Interbrand, Serviceplan, Wieden+Kennedy, The New York Times, Evian and Lexus. Patrik has given talks at Deutsche Telekom, IBM, Publicis, The Atlantic, universities and at events such as re:publica Berlin and Dutch Design Week. Since 2018, his generative work has won over 30 awards, including the ADC Award, the European Design Award, the German Design Award, the D&ADAward, the World Brand Design Award and many more.



Why did you become part of the QuantWorld project?

“To me, art can act as a mediator and translator of complex technological concepts into comprehensible, engaging experiences that can be more easily digested by both individuals and the society as a whole. In this context, my work in the field of generative design – rooted in the interplay of algorithms and human creativity – can surface new perspectives by contributing computational systems that create forms or experiences which react and adapt over time. If used in the context of tangible and emotionally relevant expressions, this approach can spark new conversations within our society about possible and desirable futures as well as ethical considerations of quantum technologies. This process of interaction between design, technology, and societal feedback loops is integral to fostering an informed community that can adapt to and influence technological evolution.

This project is a profound opportunity for personal and professional growth, allowing me to delve deeper into the convergence of art, technology, and design through the lense of quantum technologies. Generative design's systematic, iterative approach – where outcomes evolve through ongoing adaptation and feedback – is a powerful metaphor for my own learning and creative evolution throughout this endeavor.

My artistic and design explorations are significantly shaped by the interplay of technology, data, and human creativity. In this process, I engage with creative coding and generative design as enablers for co-creation, where technology acts not merely as a tool, but as a creative partner. This partnership involves setting initial conditions and rules within which the technology operates—creating an environment where art and design can evolve dynamically and unpredictably in the context of a given topic. The concept of co-creation here is vital; it underlines the collaborative nature of my work where human creativity and machine capabilities complement each other, enabling the creation of complex, adaptive works that respond to and reflect our environment in a contemporary digital landscape. This approach challenges traditional notions of art and design and invites a broader dialogue about the integration of systemic design, data and artificial intelligence in creative expression, ultimately enhancing the depth and breadth of what can be achieved through art​ and design.

I truly hope to sculpt narratives that illuminate the opaque world of quantum technologies. By transforming abstract concepts into engaging and interactive experiences, this could grant visibility to the arcane processes and (for now) mostly hidden impact of quantum technologies. I believe that a simple depiction of these technologies and their underlying principles is not enough for society to really engage with the complex implications of quantum technologies. So I will work towards forging deeper connections between society and the elusive topic of quantum. By creating stories that are not static but rather evolve and adapt, echoing the interplay of nature, quantum technologies, us as individuals and society itself. I believe it is import to balance simplicity and depth to provoke contemplations on how these technologies might weave into the fabric of our daily lives.”

Anne Kristin Kristiansen

Photo Credit: Sarah Gerats

Anne Kristin is a German-Danish artist, educator and scholar based in the Munich area. Born in Riad, Saudi Arabia, she received her formation in Fine Arts and philosophy in Essen and Witten-H

erdecke, the Ècole nationale supérieure des beaux-arts, Paris and The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, where she earned her Master’s Degree. Anne Kristin’s work is abstract minimalist and spans sculptures, prints and installations. Her work was displayed, among other places, at Kunsthalle Dortmunder U, Dortmund; KH7, Århus; Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, Recklinghausen; and Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf. Anne Kristin was an artist in residence for example at Statens Værksteder for Kunst, Copenhagen; the sailing expedition ‘The Arctic Circle’; Kiev, Ukraine; and El Bruc, Catalonia. Anne Kristin is pursuing a PhD in philosophy and is also a co-founder of the queer-feminist bookstore glitch in Munich.




Why did you become part of the QuantWorld project?

“Art and science have gone hand in hand for many centuries, inspiring futures from different vantage points. Both are ways of conceiving better worlds, and both regularly reflect present concerns and aspirations.

Second generation quantum technologies are extremely interesting to me because of the state of “fragile coherence” they depend on, and the transformative potential that can ensue from such seeming fragility. Personally, I hope to immerse myself in new forms of knowledge creation and exchange in a lively community that can combine scientific, educational, artistic and public aspects.

My own art has a lot to do with translation, and I hope to produce various forms of translations between people, materials and ideas as part of this journey. “

Solimán López

Photo Credit: SLS Studio

Solimán López is a conceptual artist in new media with a focus on biotechnology, artificial intelligence, digital art, and interactivity. He founded the Harddiskmuseum in 2015, introduced the biotoken OLEA, and initiated the Manifesto Terricola movement. His work has been showcased in over 20 countries, spanning museums, festivals, art centers, and galleries. Additionally, his research has been disseminated in universities across more than 20 countries.


Why did you become part of the QuantWorld project?

“I strongly believe that Quantum Computing is a game changer in society, and that the major challenges of our current world have always been addressed by art in the first instance. This is my primary interest in the project: exploring how we can approach this new technology from a critical and analytical perspective, and examining how it could reshape our understanding of art, its production, and the societal implications of the information age.

I am deeply fascinated by the concepts underlying the quantum world, and I also believe that a better and more profound understanding of this technology will aid humanity in comprehending the origins of our species and ourselves. However, we must be mindful to "curate" how society utilizes this powerful tool. Any technology devoid of consciousness can become a weapon, so it is crucial to analyze all the dimensions involved in the dissemination of new ideas and concepts related to this advancement.

I hold hope that, through our collective efforts in the QuantumWorld project, we will collectively attain the expertise necessary to maintain this critical perspective and overview, to be applied creatively, thereby redefining art concepts and adding social value in the process.

Personally, I am incredibly curious to see where this journey will lead us and how my background in art will respond to this new knowledge. My ultimate goal is to delve into the most intriguing aspects of human nature and its relationship with society, envisioning a new and improved future where technology assists humans in overcoming challenges and elevating our levels of consciousness, fostering connections with others and with nature at large.”

Benjamin Nott

Benjamin Nott is a South African architect. He helps people create meaningful spaces and places to share stories and memories.  He has been practising architecture for over 20 years. With his wife and partner, they have co-founded:

Blanco Architecture & Design, in 2008; Humanitas |Living Innovation Laboratory, Ticino in 2019 as a multi-disciplinary next-practise case-study for the future of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry. This project has won Horizon Europe and Innosuisse Flagship funding; and

BlancoLAB Virtual Production Studios in 2022, a multidisciplinary team of storytellers that create and curate immersive gamified experiences. BlancoLAB has worked with Siemens, Lucid, Moth Quantum and is working on the research projects; “Quantworld” with TUM School of Social Science and Technology and Fraunhofer AISEC,and the “Resilient-Hydro-Twin” project with TU Delft, the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Ben is the co-founder of ZERO Construct - , is a board member of [y]our2040 - , sits on the advisory council of Puzzle X - , is a thought leader on the “Brains trust” created by the Innovation Foundation powered by the Adecco Group and is a member of Degrowth Switzerland.

His home and studio have been in Valle di Blenio, Ticino in the Swiss Alpssince 2010. He is a man of the sciences, arts and humanities. Architecture for him is an embodiment of all three. Benjamin loves mountain sports, he is a voracious reader and has an appreciation for music, dance, and art. Above anything else he loves an interesting conversation. He brings passion, commitment, and dedication to his projects to make them relevant. He has often been called a “thinking doer.”


Why did you become part of the QuantWorld project?

“I liked the people in the project and the storyline presented to me at the first moment of listening. I loved the fact that there was the willingness to dream and be a little ambitious.

That space between technology and the user is one of the most exciting and daunting places to be. Do you approach it with a tech mindset, or do you approach it with a end-users mindset? I feel the arts have always allowed us to bridge this gap. The impressionists tried to capture the scientific concepts of space and time through painting and Pixar has used technology to drive new media art forms whilst also creating new technologies to express new art forms that have become ubiquitous in our society today.

I wanted BlancoLAB to be a part of this creative bridging and the bringing of people together in a positive manner.”

Meet our partners MATTER and XR Hub Bavaria

XR Hub Bavaria

The XR HUB Bavaria is an initiative to strengthen Bavaria as a media and business location and is funded by the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs. The project has three locations: XR HUB Munich, XR HUB Nuremberg and XR HUB Würzburg. All HUBs deal with issues relating to XR technologies and their numerous applications.

The XR HUB Bavaria in Munich connects the players in the XR community in Bavaria and beyond with entrepreneurs and people who are curious or want to know how XR will change their working and living environment. It drives the development and dissemination of XR applications, links expertise and promotes the transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience between research & development, industry and the cultural and creative sectors.

Silke Schmidt, Head of XR Hub Bavaria in Munich

“The XR Hub Bavaria is happy to support the QuantWorld-Project. We are looking forward to the ideas of the artists how to visualize and experience information about quantum computers and their applications etc. with XR-technologies. We will support the project with our knowledge, network, equipment, events and communication measures.”








MATTER is an international Think Tank and Public-Benefit initiative focused on using Exponential Technologies to help solve some of humanity's most pressing challenges. One of its initiatives is PUZZLE X -  the world's leading forum for Exponential Technologies & Deep Science for the Future. Supported by the government of Spain, the Generalitat of Catalonia and Barcelona city hall, PUZZLE X 23 convened over 3,000 stakeholders from 64 countries and 52% decision-makers.

More than an event, PUZZLE X is an ecosystem activator and a global agenda-shaping forum, bringing the world's most powerful voices — industry leaders, scientific luminaries, Nobel Laureates, technologists, and policymakers to reveal the power of exponential technology and deep science. It is a catalyst for collaborative initiatives and projects, such as the Quantum Symphony of Biology, Biowaves— storing memories inside DNA, and hbar & the world’s first quantum bartender.

PUZZLE X and MATTER, in partnership with IYQ (International Year of Quantum), launched an Open Letter to encourage the UN to proclaim 2025 as the International Year of Quantum. In November 2023, the first gathering of key quantum stakeholders and Quantum Collective took place at PUZZLE X in Barcelona and showcased the commitment of the global quantum ecosystem for the declaration of IYQ2025. On June 7, 2024, the United Nations proclaimed 2025 as the International Year of Quantum Science and Technology.

In 2024, from the creators of PUZZLE X, comes another experience merging deep science and global thought. XPANSE, the world's first visioning of the future of exponential technology, will take place in Abu Dhabi on November 20–22 and will serve as a driving force for exponential fields such as quantum computing, genomics, synthetic intelligence, next-generation materials, brain-machine interfaces, and fusion energy.,

Zina Cinker, Director General at MATTER

“Quantum is the way the universe expresses itself, while art is the way humans do. Connecting the governing rules of the universe with creative minds creates a new sense of experience for exponential technologies. PUZZLE X and XPANSE, initiatives of MATTER, support and give platforms to transformative projects, like QuantWorld, where visionary thinkers and decision-makers from different fields connect and explore the potential of exponential technology and future, today.”








We are very happy to have this blend of creative minds on board for the QuantWorld project and look forward to what they will be creating together with us!


At the QuantWorld project, we firmly believe that art can serve as a translator to make the often elusive concepts of quantum technologies. We are pleased to introduce the creative minds of our project who make this possible.

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