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The fourth report published by the project team Mobilität.Leben presents the results of the latest survey wave. It gives an overview of the stated and observed mobility behavior before, during, and after the period of the 9-Euro-Ticket. In addition, the report concentrates on the question of how much people in and around Munich as well as nationwide are willing to pay for a successor ticket to the 9-Euro-Ticket.

The introduction of the 9-Euro-Ticket and the fuel tax cut changed the lives of many: considerable parts of participants stated that their daily routines have been change, that they were more mobile, and that the 9-Euro-Ticket was as one of the key reasons for their increased mobility.

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Several key findings can be highlighted for this report:

First, the analysis of the participants' mobility behavior shows a clear effect of the 9-Euro-Ticket with more public transportation during than before or after the cheap ticket. Interestingly, for some people we can observe that they partly maintain their increased use of public transport after the end of the 9-Euro-Ticket. However, people who already used public transport almost daily or never did so the entire time, irrespective of the availability of a cheap ticket.

Second, based on our analysis of the willingness-to-pay it can be expected that around 60% of all previous 9-Euro-Ticket owners would either buy the nationwide successor ticket for 49-Euro or a new local travel pass at around 30 Euro per month. In comparison, a successor ticket priced at 69 Euro per month would only be bought by 25%. This would lead to an increase of travel pass ownership in Germany of more than 20%.

Third, we do not find an income effect in the purchase decision for a successor to the 9-Euro-Ticket – whereas we found an effect in previous studies. Further analysis will have to show the exact willingness-to-pay based on income. We however do find that other factors like living in an urban environment, having no car or being male increase the likelihood for the ticket purchase.


The fourth report presents results from the third survey wave with a focus on the stated and observed changes in mobility behavior and an experimental design testing the willingness-to-pay for different alternatives as successor to the 9-Euro-Ticket.

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