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At the new TUM Center for Educational Technologies interdisciplinary research teams will investigate the effectiveness of digital tools for learning and teaching and will develop new applications. The center will put this into practice using continuing education programs and by supporting start-ups. With a strong focus on Generative AI and its application in schools and education, Enkelejda Kasneci, founder and co-director of the center and leader of the Generative AI Taskforce took an important step into bringing these new technologies into practice. 

The center will, among other endeavors, develop new varieties of continuing education on the use of Artificial intelligence in classroom teaching and was created as part of the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning. Enkelejda Kasneci, leader of the Generative AI Taskforce, and co-founder of this center says: "What we are experiencing now is a leap in technology that goes beyond mere adaption. With the recent advances in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and immersive learning, we are experiencing literally a revolution in learning and teaching. These technologies are here to stay."

By forging a strong connection between the Generative AI Taskforce and the TUM Center for Educational Technologies, we reinforce the center's commitment to driving innovation, fostering a dynamic environment where groundbreaking research directly translates into practical applications that empower educators, inspire learners, and redefine educational norms. We are excited to be part of this new venture and to "walk the talk" as these new technologies will now be brought into classrooms.




The new TUM Center for Educational Technologies, led by Enkelejda Kasneci, focuses on exploring digital tools for effective learning and teaching, with a particular emphasis on Generative AI. The center will implement its findings through continuing education programs and support for start-ups, aiming to revolutionize education by integrating advanced technologies into classrooms. The strong collaboration between the Generative AI Taskforce and the center ensures a commitment to innovation, where research outcomes are translated into practical applications that empower educators and inspire learners, shaping the future of education.

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