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Join U.S. public historian and author Jason Steinhauer for an open conversation on the impact of social media on history and our relationship with the past. This event is part of the TUM Think Tank's new bi-weekly series "Socially Speaking."

In today's world, where political polarization is on the rise, understanding the relationship between history and current issues is more crucial than ever. How does history influence debates on topics such as misinformation, journalism, tribalism, activism, democracy, politics, and identity in the online sphere? As we begin a new decade, this knowledge is essential for an informed citizenry.

Jason Steinhauer’s book, History, disrupted, is the first to document the significance of how history is communicated in the digital age. With examples ranging from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to sophisticated technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and algorithms, Mr. Steinhauer illustrates how historical narratives are widely disseminated and hotly debated on the social web.

Join us to explore how the internet has changed our understanding of history. From social media to algorithms, misinformation to identity politics, we'll dive into the impact of technology on our collective memory.


Public Historian and author Jason Steinhauer discusses how social media has altered our relationship with the past. In collaboration with the U.S. Department of State.

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