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Workshop Agenda

Co-Designing Generative AI Guidelines of, by, and for TUM

The TUM Think Tank's Generative AI Task Force is dedicated to establishing comprehensive guidelines for the effective integration of generative AI within TUM's educational framework. To achieve this, we are organizing a collaborative workshop involving representatives from diverse TUM sectors, including professors, postdocs, PhDs, students, administrative staff, and others. This inclusive approach ensures that the perspectives, desires, and apprehensions of all stakeholders are thoroughly considered.

Our aim is to incorporate a wide spectrum of viewpoints encompassing legal, administrative, pedagogical, and engineering aspects. Additionally, we intend to integrate relevant pre-existing documents and initiatives within TUM pertaining to this subject matter. Through this collective effort, we aim to devise guidelines that are both robust and reflective of the multifaceted considerations inherent in integrating generative AI into teaching practices at TUM.

Impressions from the event

Our Generative AI Task Force member Stephan Krusche and his team brought together a diverse array of stakeholders, from professors to students and administrative staff, for a collaborative workshop aimed at establishing comprehensive guidelines for integrating Generative AI within TUM's educational framework.

Here's a brief recap of our fruitful discussions:

  • Expert presentations by Patrick Bassner and Pascal Bronner delved into the technical and legal aspects of generative AI, laying a solid foundation for our discussions.
  • Engaging group brainstorming sessions captured on our collaborative boards fueled in-depth discussions on topics ranging from curriculum design to ethical AI use, assessment, and beyond, with valuable insights shared by all participants.

Key takeaways include the importance of transparency, accountability, and continuous evaluation in developing guidelines that reflect the dynamic nature of AI integration in education.

As we move forward, we'll be synthesizing today's inputs into actionable steps, with a focus on transparency and adaptability.



A big thank you to all participants for their active engagement and valuable contributions and a special thanks to Stephan Krusche and team for organizing the event, especially to Maximilian Sölch, to Patrick Bassner and Pascal Bronner for their insightful expert talks and to Noha Lea Halim for the co-organization and stellar moderation!

Call for action

If you’re interested in actively participating and shaping TUM's Generative AI guidelines, contact us: All professors, postdocs, PhDs, students, administrative staff, and others from the TUM environment are welcomed!



The TUM Think Tank is committed to crafting comprehensive guidelines for integrating generative AI into education. We invite professors, postdocs, PhDs, students, administrative staff, and others to contribute their perspectives in a collaborative workshop. Contact us to get involved.

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