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Disenchantment with politics and the rise of disinformation are pressing challenges in today's democracies. In peri-urban and rural areas, where 40% of surveyed citizens feel left behind by society and politicians, the impact is even more pronounced. Ideas for Europe (I4E) and Alliance for Europe (A4E) are committed to addressing this issue head-on, and you can be part of the solution.

About the workshop

The online workshop, 'Who is lying now? Identify and Fight Disinformation!' is a unique opportunity to gain insights and practical tools for combating disinformation. It's designed for international media literacy experts, lifelong learning professionals, and journalists as a train-the-trainers initiative.

What you will learn

  • Understand the cognitive process behind disinformation's influence on human behavior.
  • Discover effective strategies to disrupt and counter disinformation.
  • Learn how to categorize and map out disinformation content.
  • Acquire the skills to communicate your actions in countering disinformation.


Register now and join us in our mission to tackle disinformation and empower communities.

This workshop is part of the EU-funded CERV project 'Ideas for Europe' (I4E) and funded by the European Commission.


Gain insights and practical tools for combating disinformation in this workshop hosted by Ideas for Europe (I4E).

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