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The Immersive Realities Working Group is a joint initiative of the TUM Think Tank and the Professorship of Public Policy, Governance and Innovative Technologies at the School for Social Sciences and Technologies. The Working Group aims to investigate and shape the interactions of immersive technologies and their applications with society, politics, and the economy in the coming years. Ultimately, these efforts aim to support the development of open and human-centric immersive technologies and realities, that encode and promote European values, facilitate knowledge sharing, and support its builders, shapers, and users. The working group will focus on the impact of the use of immersive technologies on society and the lived experience of individuals. From the vision of a global Metaverse to countless open or closed applications of extended realities, a supposedly fragmented archipelago of applications can be fused into one common goal: to “unflatten the internet”.

ImRe Working Group - Urban Digital Twins - Session 2


The Immersive Realities Working Group investigates the societal impact of immersive technologies, aiming to develop open and human-centric approaches. The Connected Urban Twins project focuses on smart cities, utilizing 3D models, VR, and AR to enhance efficiency and citizen engagement. Meanwhile, "Mirror Worlds, Shadowlands, and Urban Doppelgängers" explores augmented reality's potential in cultural exchange and urban art integration, fostering understanding through virtual experiences.

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