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Infosheet Research Note
Problems and perspectives of people with so-called intellectual disabilities (ID) are largely underrepresented in discussions about reimagining social media platforms. The project Inclusive Social Media (InSoMe) addresses this gap by working with people with ID to co-develop strategies and tools that make social media platforms more inclusive and accessible.

Co-creating solutions towards more inclusive social media environments

Elke Langbein and Daniela Schwarz together with their collaborators follow a challenge-based and participatory approach. Their aim is to identify innovative and practical ways that can assist people with ID and their supporting networks to better navigate social media platforms. They focus on three aspects: first, developing materials or tools that aim to increase digital literacy; second, offering training and practical help to people with ID on how to use social media; and third, raising awareness for the topic.

Topics, activities & formats

The InSoMe team works closely with athletes from the Special Olympics Bavaria / Germany who can be multipliers on social media as well as role models for others.  In their curricula interventions, students develop prototypes in a user-centered manner and actively support people with ID e.g., at events of the Special Olympics or offering training sessions.

Part of the Reboot Social Media Lab


Inclusive Social Media addresses widely neglected challenges concerning questions of inclusivity of social media platforms for people with so-called intellectual disabilities. In doing so, it takes a participatory approach which includes people with ID and their networks into the co-design of practical solutions.

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