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Technologies and social media platforms are fraught with biases in their design and implementation. Moreover, the shortcomings of social media – of specific interest here, harassment and bullying – are exacerbated for select groups of society, especially minorities or marginalized groups. 

At this pitch event, students enrolled in the module “Participation and Inclusion” as part of the Inclusive Social Media project will present ideas developed over the course of their study for improving inclusivity and accessibility on social media platforms for people with intellectual disabilities. Points of focus include improving media literacy, avoiding bullying and similar online harms, and supporting the parents of children with ID in navigating online platforms. A jury of academics and practitioners will provide feedback on the student projects and highlight avenues for future research and implementation.  

Join this pitching event and learn more about the ongoing activities of the Inclusive Social Media project and the Reboot Social Media Lab. 


Students pitch ideas for digital tools to assist people with intellectual disabilities in safely and confidently navigating information and interactions online.

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