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Part of the Reboot Social Media Lab
Sharing personally meaningful content on social media offers young people the opportunity to foster recognition within their peer group while developing their own personalities. The Connected Algorithmic Learning project investigates young girls' social media practices on different media platforms and in different contexts. The insights gained will contribute to the development of recommendations for gender-appropriate computer-based learning opportunities.

Developing gender-responsive computer-based learning opportunities.

Anna Keune and Carlos Santiago Hurtado Melo investigate girls' algorithmic learning opportunities in social media using video observations and interviews with female adolescents. Based on these findings, activities for gender-responsive, networked algorithmic learning will be developed, tested, and communicated to the public.

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The project leverages synergies through close collaboration with the Computational Crafting Lab - a new model space for gender-responsive and networked learning. The team is developing workshops, focus groups, and curriculum interventions aimed at actively working with teenage girls to collaboratively develop frameworks and strategies for algorithmic learning.


The Connected Algorithmic Learning project aims to examine young girls' social media practices to develop recommendations for gender-responsive computer-based learning opportunities.

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