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Amnesty International, Greenpeace, The Sunrise Movement - they all stand for change and progress, and believe it or not, they started out as student initiatives. But even the most promising ideas can easily get lost in the daily grind. Raising funds turns into filling out lengthy applications, networking feels like endless cold-calling, and the elevator pitch can make your palms sweat. All of this may not align with what you initially imagined when you launched your initiative.

That's where the Public Policy Impact Program (PPIP) comes in. Our goal is simple: to have your back so you can bring your visions to life without limitations. We're here to support you on this journey and help your student initiative unlock the potential you saw in it from the very beginning. We help with networking, mentoring, access to workspaces and venues, and even financial support. Welcome to the Public Policy Impact Program – the support system for student initiatives that seek to make a public impact.

Who can apply?

In general, student groups from the Munich School of Public Policy (HfP) and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) can apply; all initiatives must be open to HfP students or already have members from the HfP when you apply. Existing initiatives can apply as can groups that would like to use the program to incubate an initiative. Existing student groups must be accredited as a university group by the FSR of TUM; for newly founded initiatives, this is required at the latest for the extension of funding.

In principle, except for public impact, there are no restrictions on the possible topics that initiatives can focus on. However, a connection to ongoing research and teaching activities at the HfP and the TUM Think Tank are beneficial.

What is included?

Funding is granted for one year. Three to five initiatives can be funded per period.

The PPIP includes:

  • institutional support, e.g., through free use of the co-working and event spaces at the TUM Think Tank.
  • ideational support, e.g., through support in networking, through (peer-to-peer) mentoring or assistance in fundraising.
  • financial support of up to 3.000,00 EURO, which can be used for activities of the initiative such as events, workshops, (online) publications, etc.

How to apply?

To apply, we ask for a pitch deck of max. 8 slides. It should include the following aspects:

  • A brief description of the student group (e.g., purpose, members, activities & programs); where possible, it should be described on which (previous) experiences and achievements the student group can be built upon.
  • A project outline which illustrates the problem / topic to be addressed and the concrete actions and activities planned to tackle it during the PPIP.
  • A financial plan (with rough categories) showing how the funds are planned to be used.

The submission deadline for this round of the PPIP is November 15th, 2023. The program will start in January 2024.  Please send your applications with the subject “PPIP Application [Name of Student Initiative]" to

How does the selection process work?

The selection process is two-staged:

  • Applications can be submitted until November 15th, 2023. They will then be reviewed by a jury including representatives from the student body, staff, and faculty of the HfP and TUM Think Tank, and checked against formal criteria and regarding their fit to the mission of the HfP & the TUM Think Tank.
  • Based on the first review, selected student groups are then invited to pitch their projects to the jury on December 5th, 2023.

If you get selected for the pitch, we will ask you to provide us with an outline of workshops, events and activities you plan during your time at the PPIP, so please prepare yourself for that. This ensures that you get the most out of your time in the program.

What is the purpose?

The program offers particularly committed student groups the opportunity to set up and carry out projects that aim to strengthen networking with actors from society, business and politics, and/or to (pro-)actively advise and shape politics and society alongside the mission of the TUM Think Tank and the Munich School of Politics and Public Policy.

In the first round of the PPIP, we supported two student initiatives: “100 Voices – One Planet“ and the “Responsible Technology Hub”. Throughout the program both initiatives were able to grow their memberships and networks, to organize events and workshops at the TUM Think Tank and beyond, to participate in multi-stakeholder events, and to develop their topical areas. We are immensely proud to collaborate with “100 Voices – One Planet and the “Responsible Technology Hub” and hope to continue the success story of the PPIP in the second round of the applications.  You are the future of change. We are excited to hear your ideas and visions!


TUM Think Tank

Munich School for Politics and Public Policy

Richard-Wagner-Str. 1 | 80333 Munich (Germany)

With the PPIP, the Munich School of Politics and Public Policy (HfP) through the TUM Think Tank aims to strengthen its mission in the field of public engagement as well as to achieve a closer integration of research, teaching and science communication. The initiative is (partially) funded by student grants to improve teaching.


Our Public Policy Impact Programme offers you public outreach and much more. We support student initiatives with a political mission to reach their goals – by proving funding, facilitities and network opportunities. Apply until November 15th.

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